THE KILLERWestern (2017) – 1h39

This first Brazilian Original Netflix is a western about Cabeleira, a feared killer living in the countryside of Pernambuco State in the 40’s.

FAREWELL – Drama (2014) – 1h30

A 92-year-old man decides that the time has come to say goodbye to all that is most important in his life, including his lover who is 55 years younger than him.

BUDDIESRoad Movie (2012) – 1h34

Three young people with Down syndrome decide to run away in search of three simple wishes: Stalone wants to see the sea, Aninha looks for a husband and Marcio needs to fly.

THE PIT – Action (2008) – 1h26

A secret party is thrown by ex-students from the American school who bet fortunes in poor wrestlers confronting each other inside an empty swimming pool for a few dollars.

SIDE B – Documentary (2007) 1h12

With humor, the documentary shows the drama and struggle to produce the low-budget film “Fourth Grade B” over four years.

4th GRADE B – Comedy (2005) – 1h30

What to do when drugs are found in a classroom of 10-year-old children? A parents’ meeting will discuss such taboo in a very unconventional way: having a joint.